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  • Stephanie Reed

Getting real about motherhood on social media: my favourite ‘mummy’ influencers

Around three months ago, I gave birth to my first baby. The love I feel for my baby is difficult to put into words and I feel like the luckiest person in the world, but giving and recovering from birth, and then getting to grips with looking after my baby son, has been the most challenging time of my life too. I thought reading countless baby books, attending an NCT course and taking part in the occasional prenatal yoga class would be wise preparation, but nothing can fully prepare you for it.

Nothing can prepare you for the literal bomb of chaos it drops on your life. I’m generally a type A person and love to be organised, and to feel like I’m on top of everything. Yet with a newborn, that’s impossible. There’s so much to learn as a new parent and it’s a constant guessing game trying to meet his needs. There’s the absence of a routine and every waking minute is spent tending to your little one. And all this takes place when you’re recovering from birth and trying to cope with sleep deprivation.

The whole experience is a rollercoaster of emotions, although I wouldn’t change it for the world. There is a lot I didn’t know about the process, and obviously there’s still loads to learn. It made me realise that it’s important we talk more about these experiences so that others feel more prepared, and that new parents don’t feel alone. For example, the birth experience is still a taboo subject in some ways and it shouldn’t be. But things are improving, especially in be online world.

During this milestone time, I have been reminded of the many positives of social media (and why I love my job managing social media channels for brands!). For example, before and after my pregnancy, I shared Instagram posts that reflected on preparing for a baby and my first impressions of motherhood and was touched by the response I received, especially from my followers who are mothers. Some of them even took the time to send me lengthy private messages with incredibly helpful, reassuring advice.

There are also increasingly many awesome mums (and dads) on Instagram being brutally, humorously honest about the realities of parenthood. I have found great comfort in following what these women have to say and to be able to relate to their grumbles and concerns, while celebrating the cuteness of their children at the same time. Some of my favourite ‘mummy’ Instagram influencers include…

@steph_dontbuyherflowers, who recently welcomed her third little bundle of joy and shares her experience of juggling motherhood and her business, Don’t Buy Her Flowers, which offers gifts that new mums will genuinely appreciate.

@littlepeachlondon, an awesome breastfeeding practitioner. I always enjoy reading her daily words of wisdom for breastfeeding mums and she even took the time out to send me lots of helpful advice in a private message when I asked her a question once. Breastfeeding can be tough, especially in the early days and I’m so glad I came across this Instagram account.

@feedinstyle, a mother to two little ones and who appears so open and honest, especially in her Instagram Stories. I also love that she focuses on sharing fashion for breastfeeding mamas because I’ve found it difficult to find nursing clothes that make me feel good.

@nurturingmums, another mum of two who shares important truths and reassuring advice about the postnatal experience. I relate so strongly to what she says, that some days her Instagram posts feel like a personal message to me!

@yoga_girl, who I’ve been following for ages because I love yoga. She had her first beautiful baby around the time that I found out I was pregnant, so I’ve especially enjoyed following her journey recently. She shared a podcast on baby sleep training and how she got her little one to sleep through the night - I avidly took notes.

@amotherplace, who I appreciate for her humour, as well as her re-posting of other similar words of wisdom and trending news stories about pregnancy and motherhood.

Do you recommend any other ‘mummy’ influencers? I’d love to know…

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