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What to do when Coronavirus destroys your freelance business

For the first time since I went freelance five years ago, this summer I found myself at square one with no ongoing clients. I’d just (partly) come off maternity leave and was expecting to return to managing six long-term, well-paying clients.

Sadly Covid meant all of these clients stopped my services and some have even gone out of business. It’s definitely sobering to find myself, like so many others, in this position. So, how to move forward?

After a mini confidence crisis and then a helpful discussion with other freelancers in the same position on the ‘Doing it for the kids’ Facebook group (a network of self-employed parents), I was reminded of the many ways to generate business and thought I’d share the ideas below in case it helps anyone else:

- Utilise LinkedIn by sharing posts, adding contacts and contacting your current contacts! LinkedIn has been the most incredible sales tool for me throughout my freelance career. My posts often achieve a high organic reach and engagement (and typically get me sales leads) and I've been able to easily connect and grow my network on there. It's given me a simple way to connect with lots of senior marketing decision markers and I'm not sure where I'd be without it.

- Contact former clients

-Rethink your service offering. For example, I typically manage social media channels for brands but now I’m also offering packages where I set up Instagram influencer partnerships for brands and I’m doing more training for brands wanting to increase sales and buzz with social activity, including affordable ‘power hour’ calls.

-Use relevant Facebook groups to network and look for opportunities. 'Freelance Heroes' and 'Doing it for the Kids' are two of my favourites.

Here’s to brighter times ahead! Oh and say hello if you’re interested in working with me.

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