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My favourite year of business yet: 2022 highlights

Looking back at work in 2022, it’s been a busy one and probably my favourite year yet as a freelance social media manager (which was refreshing after the pandemic wasn't kind to over half of my client base). I’ve had the opportunity to work with brands that I dreamt of working with when I first started my business over eight years ago. The world and travel appeared to finally open up again at the start of the year, and it has been a joy to work with hotel groups, MarBella Collection Greece and Healing Hotels of the World. I’ve also loved diving further into the world of wellness by working with Cloud Twelve (an absolute gem of a lifestyle club in Notting Hill which has a wonderful spa, wellness clinic, salon and kids' club) and Synergy - The Retreat Show. And it's been a pleasure to continue working with the likes of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic, as well as Releasd which is the reporting tool that I didn't know I needed (now I can't imagine using anything else to create my client reports - they look a million times jazzier and my clients actually read them). 2022 was the year that I finally accepted that I need some support with my business (juggling that much work with two kids is the recipe for burnout), so I connected with some brilliant fellow freelancers who helped me with some content creation and crafting copy for social posts. Being freelance isn’t always the easiest path. I find setting boundaries tricky, so I’m a guilty over-servicer and that’s something I’m going to work on next year! Plus 'flexible' working - especially as a social media manager connected to social media apps that run 24/7 - in reality means you work any hour and the lines between work and rest are often blurred... so that's something else that I need to work on. But overall I'm super grateful for a job that gives me more time to spend with my kids and for having a client base that genuinely excites and interests me. Here's hoping this continues through 2023! Wishing you the happiest new year.


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